Domestic violence is actually the violent behavior that one family member adopts to hurt other family members. This harm can be both abusive and physical. While physical being severe and in some cases is life threatening.

Who causes the domestic violence?
There is no one from the outside that comes to your home and beats you and verbally abuse you. Of course, the person is right in your own home. He/she might be suffering from some sort of complex that urges him/her to harm others either by words or by his hands and legs.
The abuser does not get any sympathy from anyone unless he/she has mental problems.
Who are the victims?
As the name indicates, domestic violence victims happen to be the ones that are living under the same roof as the abuser. The abuser will not allow the victim to let go out of the house. If he/she lets the victim go outside that too is not without any severe warnings of punishments.
Victims are mostly the family members, they can be the spouse of the abuser, they can be their girlfriend or boyfriend, they can be even the little child, child can be foster or one’s own blood. Victims can be both male or female. There are many cases seen in which the victim is the innocent women who is being beaten by her in laws and her husband. This is still happening in the developing countries.
How to get rid of the domestic violence?
If you are a victim of domestic violence, no matter who you are, consult Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale if you happen to live in Florida. The lawyers can assist you in the best way they can and can take you out of the hell you were living in with a monster. There is no mercy for the abuser and the ones who physically harm others