Internet is a great source of information but unfortunately some people use it to misinform other people. This situation is more persistent with medical knowledge. There are many lay persons who write about medical conditions and treatments and as a result of fake information, readers start believing and this creates a chaos for everyone. There are many myths about vasectomy (vazektomia) surgery over the internet and people feel unnecessary fear while choosing this birth control method. No doubt, you should take extra care while selecting this method as this would make you infertile and you will never be able to become father again. But, at the same time you should not be worried about certain myths that people tell you. In this article, we will try to highlight most common misconceptions of people about vasectomy and vazektomia cena.

Misconceptions of people:
Some people believe that there would be serious consequences of getting vasectomy and apart from becoming infertile, they would start facing different health conditions. This is wrong, especially for the below mentioned misconceptions:

● There would be a severe pain throughout the surgery, especially in the scrotum. This is true that you will have to bear mild pain in the start, but this would go as soon as your wound will heal. This is normal to every surgery.
● Some people relate vasectomy to heart diseases. There is no research that proves this stance and there is no link between these two things.
● Similarly, many people relate vazektomia with cancers. However, there is no proven link.
● Another concern which hits many people is that sex organ might be damaged. This mainly depends on the skills of the surgeon but there are not many cases of any such damage
● Some people believe that there will be an effect on their sexual desire and sex performance after they get this surgery done.