There are so many musicians are there to find their dream job. To find a good job resume plays an important role. Sometimes talented and creative people find it very difficult to present their skills in a good professional way on their resume.

To make a good music resume you must follow the right format and use good words and phrases. A good professional written bio is important, which contains all your past and present information. If you are an aspiring musician, who are looking for a relatable job, below are some tips that can help you to make a good resume. The list is curated by the professional resume expert Mark Robinson from This website offers a wide range of services ranging from Homework Help to complete thesis or dissertation writing, do check them out in case you need help with your academics. So, let’s get started.

Formatting is important

Generally, there are two types of formatting in which people stick, one is functional format and the other is reverse chronological format. The reverse-chronological format is the type of format in which you have to add the most recent experience first, so go with that if it is to your benefit. And if you didn’t do any prestigious things in recent time, then you might consider another format.
The other option of creating a resume is functional format resuming, in which instead of emphasising on your past work experience, you can focus on your education, achievements and overall skills you have as a musician. You can also mention all the sound organs you can play and what’s your preferred sound organ and the reason behind it.

Your bio

Bio is professional writing which is a very important part of a resume. This is where you have an opportunity to introduce yourself, you can easily write about yourself in this part, like what you can do, and what you’re passionate about suggests Jeanette Torres, the resume proofreader at

If you want to write a good bio, then the first step is to read other artists’ bios. To make a good musical resume, try to inject a bit of your musical personality into the tone here to differentiate yourself from the other applicants. Your resume is the only thing which can shine your personality to others.

Enlist all your experiences in reverse chronological format resume: Starting with the most recent, include all the years you have played in a gig, or the organisation you are part, and instrument you prefer. You can highlight some of your biggest appearances at the gig, and meaningful tours. Don’t forget to mention whether you were a substitute player or a regular one.
For each point, mention at least three sub-points in bullet headings: You need to fill up your page with every bit of information, like your performance history and achievements around it. If you were a high-school live tutor, or musician in an uptown cafe or restaurant, don’t just list all your experiences but rather let the reader know about your roles and responsibility. Did you implemented a new process for learning, that helped the students to grasp vastly? Mention it in your resume.

Your education

A recruiter always goes for the one who has a good education and skills. So, in your music resume, you can add your education, even it is not related to music. But, yes a good background in music and performance will go in a long way.

Awards and achievement section

This section is best to talk about your achievements. The more your achievements and other awards, the chances are high of your selection. You can also include fellowships and scholarships you earned while studying music in school. Awards are the best way in which you can show the recruiters that how passionate you are for the music.

Use online resources to improve your writing

Your resume decides your career. So don’t take a risk by submitting a resume fraught with so many errors. There are so many online resources are available that can help you. You can take help from them. There are few online tools that can help you to make a well-structured music resume.

Grammarly: Writing with poor grammar is an excellent way to have your resume deleted immediately. Grammarly is an app which can help you to correct all the grammatical and spelling errors easily

Resumentation: If you want to write a proper resume then this is the service that can help you to create a perfect resume for the clients. You can take help from this service if you want to edit and proofread your paper. They can give you a perfect error-free paper.

So now you know the tips to make the best music resume for yourself. I hope this article helped you.