Montemaggio Estate is located in The Commune of all Radda in Chianti, at the biggest market of this Classic Chianti place to buy Chianti wine. It is organized were also a 14th century tower stood on the ancient Roman avenue between Siena and Florence. Montemaggio additionally comprises a guide to buy italian wine, dating back to 1560, of this”Commanders of this Guelph social gathering” installed at Podestria di Radda. The name Montemaggio comes from”monte maggiore” (excellent Mountain), which shows its elevated region to market and buy Chianti Classico.

The Cultural Heritage
The heritage, that belongs to this Chianti basic Consortium and gets got the best Tuscan wine, extends across 70 hectares (roughly 190 segments of soil ) of grape plantations, olive groves, and woods; it is arranged 600 meters above sea level. Grape plantations covering over 9 hectares (22 segments of property ) commonly have a focal point position at home, using a remarkable introduction into the southwest in the terrestrial riches of galestro and also Albanese to buy Tuscan wine. They have been primarily planted with Sangiovese, enlarging small elements of Merlot, Pugnitello, and Chardonnay.

Terroir Wine

Montemaggio follows precisely the Notion of These places might simply take or buy Italian wine, check out the essence of the wine in every container and make certain that the customer receives an odd item. The blossoms were implanted with an extremely substantial thickness per hectare (6250 plants/hectare in some avocado plantations). Thus , they generate a very low quantity of grapes per hectare (35-45 Ql / hectare). These attributes, despite the openness (southwest), the slopes, the mini atmosphere, the soil, and also the hard and precise job , ensure a wine of superior quality, especially organic Tuscan wine.