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If your business is the transport of merchandise on a small scale, it is recommended to review the details on Cessna Caravan. It is a short-range turboprop aircraft manufactured by the Cessna company. It is also known as Cargomaster. It originally comes with a capacity for ten people (1 pilot and nine passengers), but it can be modified to carry up to 14 people. But it is more used to transport merchandise from a small airport to airport hubs.
Cessna currently offers different configurations of the Cessna caravan to meet market demand. Its versatility allows adapting it to the different terrain conditions in which it can operate. Some of the adaptations include the ski-type landing gear, major tires for unprepared tracks or floats with wheels in the case of the Amphibious Caravan. All Cessna caravan information can be seen on the AeroSearcher website.
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